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September 18, 2011

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Sunday, July 1, 2012
Patricia Richardson

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Patricia Richardson 1963-2012

Patricia came to Queens a little over eight years ago and she and I became friends. Patricia truly understood the meaning of what it meant to be a friend . She loved me unconditionally. When I asked the wrong questions, she gently corrected me. When I was judgmental, she rebuked me; yet she never made me feel unloved. Her wisdom taught me valuable life lessons, about how to be a respectful wife and discerning mother of young adult children. She loved the things that really, really mattered--people, life and righteousness. I loved talking to Patricia. She was always honest about what she thought and felt. Even during those silent awkward moments, I felt comforted in knowing she was thinking of something meaningful and worth saying. I know Patricia was no angel, but she was the most godly woman I've ever met, face-to-face.

There were many nights Patricia battled with the Lord to understand the struggles she faced; yet when morning came, whether understood or not, she laid her burdens at the foot of the Cross. She loved the Lord.

I have seen so many friends and family members leave this life for the next. Patricia is one of only two that I have cried out to God that my time with them was too short.
I will miss her so.

Melody Bandison

by Patricia Richardson
May 9th 2010

In the morning when I get out of bed
I get down on my knees and pray, yeah
Thank you Lord for saving my life
And giving me a brand new day
And Lord, I'm committed
Yeah, Hey, Hey, Hey
Lord I'm committed
Yeah, Hey, Hey, Hey
I'm in this to the end

I give you my heart, my mind , my soul, and my life
Lord, I know it won't be easy, yeah
But I know I can make it
If I live by your word
And let your spirit lead me
So Lord, I'm committed
Yeah, Hey, Hey, Hey
On your love I can depend
Lord I. Committed
Yeah, Hey, Hey, Hey
I'm in this to the end

A Mother's Worth

Mother's day represents different things to different people.  We all have mothers and yet we do so many different things to express our love and affection for our mothers.  This year my family decided it would be fun to go bowling.  So after lunch we went to the bowling alley and had a blast.

With no fuss, no lines and very few people we spent three hours of pure fun.  The competition, the laughs, the missed balls, the funny way everyone reacts when they succeeded made for a wonderful mothers day.  We shared this mothers day with the Davis family.  And at the end of our time together, we celebrated what a great day we had.

Every mother deserves to get enough sleep, connect with their family with daily affection, have some fun, take time to be silly, and remember to appreciate the time you have with your family.

We are all working hard in the kingdom, but on this day every year we need to remember the love given to us by our mother.

Thais Porter

Our trip to Guatemala


Our trip to Guatemala was a dream come true! Although this trip was not one of leisure, my husband and I were very excited to return to our native county. We were both born and raised in the northern coast of Guatemala, which is a five hour trip from the capital.


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    From Donna Robin Murray:

    Please pray for me & my family. My Aunt Dorothy passed away. Please pray that my family can be united and supportive of one another at this time.

    From Miriam Edwards:

    Thanks for the prayers for Judah. He was discharged from the hospital. He has been doing well and thriving. The Lord has been good.

    From Nathalie Ferrier:

    Thank your for your prayers! My father's leg has slighlty improved. Please continue to pray for a full recovery.


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